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Greetings & Welcome to CSExpress!!

I would like to first welcome you to online store and hope that you will bear with us as we get our inventory and decor in place.  It is our desire to provide our customers with a great opportunity to obtain wholesale surplus equipment that still has a useful life and will not reach a landfill while someone can get some use from it.

As most people know, our government, municipalities, schools and corporations are some of the largest producers of waste and surplus inventory anywhere of all time.  This in large part due to the burning need to have the latest and greatest equipment available coupled with that old adage, "keeping up with the Jones's".  We hope to do our part to curb this trend.

So stop by whenever you can and take a look around as our inventory changes constantly and you just never know when you might find that great piece of equipment you just can't live without... Have a great day and again we look forward to earning your business.



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