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SUPER NEW Changes at CSExpress YOU Can Take Advantage of NOW!!!

Well it has been a while since the last blog and I apologize for that.  However, we have been extremely busy getting some new changes in place and getting it all up and running for you guys.  I think you are going to love these changes and we hope that we will make it even easier for us to earn your business now and/or in the future!

First off, we have given our customers a NEW option to use to purchase from us.  Let's do a little "Fender Trading" if you will...  We have added an option that makes it work.

csexpress offer buttonAs the pic indicates, every item in our inventory now has an "Offer" button.Simply hit that button and you can make us an offer on whatever it is you would like to have.  If we like the offer, we approve it and go from there.  HINT: This works very well with bulk purchases from us. So give it a try, you just never know what we might feel like moving out of here.  This also applies to in store purchases, so if you are in the area stop in and see us.  We are always happy to see you.  If you have any feedback for us on this please do leave a note for us in the comments.  We are always willing to entertain new ideas.






We have now gotten our College giveaway setup and will be giving away a portion of our refurbished desktop computer systems to College Students who apply and are approved.  All you need to do is go here Education, Students and Giveaways  or you can get there by the same link on any page.

These are completely refurbished systems and will be ready to go right out of the box.  This program is focused towards the Adult learner trying to support a household at he same time but is open to all college students.  Some minimal rules apply and can be found at the above link.

We just want to do our part to pay it forward so pass the word if you know a college student this might help.  Additionally, there are some GREAT resources available on this same page for students involving companies we are affiliates of and have either been personally used by us or recommended to us by faculty, Staff and/or students.  These resources include textbook companies, study websites, tutors and much more.  We will be updating these resources as we find valuable companies to add so check back often.  There are even some "Just for Fun" items on this page.


Associates and Software Page Added

In our quest to give more and more value to our customers at we have added a Software page to our site that offers some of the same software we use daily in the course of our work here and much more.  That page can be found here, Associates and Software .  These are most all affiliate offers and CSExpress may or may not receive compensation from these offers but again, they are resources we feel our customers can use and we have also added some fun stuff to this page as well. So check it out and again let us know what you think.  Your opinion is important to us!


Signup for Our Newsletter and Get a Great eBook Free

Speaking of useful resources, if you haven't signed up through the popup on our homepage, please do that now, this is the  only page to get the bonus from.  We are offering a great little eBook for free to those that signup to our newsletter.  It is called "Becoming a Computer Expert in 7 Days".  While it is a few years old, the info is fantastic and some of the material may help you right now with any issues you may be experiencing with your current system.  It really is some good info to have.  Our compliments...


AVATAR My Site or How About that Website Greeter

The last thing I want to leave with you on this post is again, something we are EXTREMELY EXCITED about here at CSExpress. It is our new proprietary software development which will add a Video Avatar to ANY website.  Just like the ones we currently utilize on our homepage and the Avatar My Site tab.

You really have to check out our page, Avatar My Site.  With this software we can add a website Greeter or Concierge to any site and have it say exactly what you want it to say using a very powerful text to speech engine which can be done in many different languages.  You can have a Human spokesperson, an animated spokesperson or you can even use one of your own spokes people using green screen technology.

Let's face it, Video is POWERFUL and when it comes to conversions on your website this product is head and shoulders above anything else we have seen.  Be sure to visit the page above to learn more about this awesome new program and sign up on that page to request additional info.  I think the resulting correspondence from us will "Blow you Away".  Just my opinion but of course it is my blog so I feel a little entitled. ;)


I hope everyone is having an amazing day and looking forward to an awesome weekend.  Until the next time be safe keep charging ahead and know we are here for you if you need us!!!


Carl Sims

Managing Partner, CSEpress


P.S. Again, please know we value your feedback so leave us a note on this blog with anything you would like to see or changes you think we can make!

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