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What An Amazing Day at CSExpress!

I hope this new post finds everyone doing well and enjoying their day getting lots done!

I wanted to say thank you first, to all to those that attended our first ever "In-Shop" sales event this past Saturday.  We appreciate you and look forward to the next event.  I trust everyone found something they could use and just couldn't live without during this sale!  If you would like to know more about our sale days just look at our inventory online to see some of the exact items available for purchase at our shop/warehouse during these sales.  Although there is a great deal more.  Specifically regarding P.A. equipment!

Just a heads up, we will planning another one of these events within the next few weeks.  Sometime in April so keep up with us by joining us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

College Student Giveaway

I wanted to remind everyone again about the Computer Giveaway we have going on right now for College Students and get everyone to check it out and pass the word along for us if you know someone that might benefit from a new computer to assist them in their college pursuit.  It is a very simple signup!

You can get more info on this program by going here "College Student Giveaway"  There are also some pretty cool links to things we have personally used or been advised of by others that will help students in their education.  Again, Please share this info for us.  Even though you may not be able to use it yourself, you might be able to help someone else with it.

In closing this short post, I would like to say again, I hope everyone is have a GREAT Day and remember to pass along the info about to your friends and networks because you just never know when you might stop by and find that special something you just can't live without in our inventory!

As always, we value your feedback.  It can be about anything you like from inventory, to our page and site all we ask is that it be constructive!  Thanks for taking a look!!!


Carl Sims

Managing Partner, CSExpress



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