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FSR ML-116 Ballroom Combining System,Rackmountable and Optional Windows Control

Great piece of rack mountable equipment.  The FSR ML-116 Ballroom Combining System is used to monitor or send music and microphone signals to specific rooms or combine to specific rooms.  It is graphically controlled and very user friendly.

Specific features of the FSR ML-116 taken from the FSR site include the following;

• Choose from 1 to 4 background music sources
• One Audio Control rack unit is capable of combining 16-rooms of audio with the touch of a button
• Add more Audio Control Units and control 256 rooms
• Add the optional Facility Manager’s software panel to The computer on the manager’s desk and    control the entire facility from the office
• Mix non-adjacent rooms by using the Facility Manager’s Panel
• Membrane-type wallplates in beige are easily installed with just 4 wires, (West Penn 3651 or 3751)      and can be home run and/or daisy chained
• Complete paging capability
• Operates with any mixer and amplifier - your choice
• Total reliability - building on over 25 years of experience designing ballroom combining systems.

For more info from the manufacturer you can go here:

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