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HOMACO Audio/Visual Component Rack

HOMACO Audio/Visual Component Rack
This is a 19” Homaco Audio/Visual Rack loaded with extras as described below.  Additionally, this rack comes with shelving and panels and more.  A rack of this type with the equipment included could cost well over $800.00 elsewhere.  However, at we are including it all for $475.00.
This rack and all components are in like new condition and will provide a new owner a great opportunity at a fraction of the cost.

Additional Items Include shelving, brackets and more as listed below;
Tru-Spec TA-52 Distribution Amplifier
The TA-52 is a 52 dB gain UHF/VHF/FM broadband distribution amplifier designed to function as a reliable, key component in a medium and large MATV systems. Signal control is provided through front panel design. UHF/VHF input may be combined or seperated by use of a single throw switch. Low band VHF, High band VHF and UHF frequencies have separate gain controls and switchable 10 dB input attenuators. Features include switchable FM trap and backmatched -20 dB test point.

Furman M8X2
Get eight more outlets of reliable power! Furman's M-8x2 is a remarkably affordable power conditioner that's perfect for your studio or live sound rig. Not only does the M-8x2 power conditioner free up your wall outlets, it filters the noise out of your power, increasing the sound quality of your entire system. Housed in a robust, road-ready metal 1U chassis, you can easily rackmount your Furman M-8x2 for added convenience. And thanks to its 3.75"-deep design, you can even add a Furman M-8x2 power conditioner to your shallowest portable rack.

Pico PHC-12U Passive Headend Combiner
The Pico Macom PHC-12G is a professional re-broadcast grade rack-mounted high-isolation passive headend signal combiner. These units combine the outputs from multiple modulators and processors into a single common broadband output. The high quality directional coupler design enables high isolation between input ports, providing minimum interaction between digital and/or analog input sources. Also, low insertion loss ensures optimum carrier-to-noise ratio and superior picture quality.
The passive design of the PHC-12G combiner makes it ideally suited for bi-directional applications, such as cable modems, remote audio/video origination, or other applications where remote signal origination is returned to the headend. The PHC-12G can also serve as high quality rack-mounted high-isolation distribution splitter network

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