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HP Pro 4300 System Recovery/Repair CD Set with Driver CD (5 Disks)

Complete set of system restore and recovery disks specifically for the HP Pro 4300 Series but may be suitable for other HP licensed products.  These packs are complete!  They were recently acquired from one of our corporate partners and appear to have never been used.  As with all Media there are no guarantees as to there complete functionality but the disks that we checked all functioned as they should have.
The following is a breakdown of the disks included with this pack;
> Recovery Disk 1, 64 bit (HP Media 681920-B22)
> Recovery Disk 2, 64 bit  (681921-B22)
> Recovery Disk 3, 64 bit  (681922-B22)
> Supplemental Disk, 64 bit, Windows 7 Products (700641-B26)
Windows 7 Products Driver Recovery including Windows 8 Drivers, Pro 4300/4300 AiO (DVD Kit 708438-B24)
Although it specifically states HP Pro 4300 and 4300 AiO, each disk states that they provide support for "Use with a Licensed HP or Compaq PC" indicating that they may be used on other registered products.
We found a similar disk pack through the HP site that was $45.00 and have therefore priced these accordingly.


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