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Kanguru U2-DVDDUPE-D516 DVD Duplicator

Kanguru U2-DVDDUPE-D516  DVD/CD duplicator.  It is a great unit you can use to create production runs of DVD's and CD's either using the duplicator itself or hooking it directly to your PC or Mac for custom productions.  The unit has an LED screen with all information and parameters you need to create and duplicate all aspects of your project.  It includes one-touch recording and automatic format detection.  Simply insert your master, pop in the blanks and hit record!!!

This is a great option for those that produce and publish custom books or music on CD or DVD.  If you are an instructor or teacher why not use this to generate custom lesson plan handouts or student content.  Own a business???  Use this duplicator to create custom business card handouts.

When tested we found that the unit functions as it should and duplicates perfectly. The only thing we noticed was that one of the cooling fans made a little noise on start up, but once up and running it ran fine.

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