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Modern & Fashionable High End Besa Lighting Trillo 15 Blue Matte (1tc451323-sn)

These are BEAUTIFUL lighting fixtures and Brand New!!!  Retail price for these fixtures is normally over $300.00  Compare and save here!!!
Trilo 15 is comprised of three complementary glass segments, resulting in a playful glass display. Blue Matte glass is a dark primary blue pressed glass, with a white inner layer. This décor can add an edgy, classic, or contemporary feel to any room. When lit this gives off a light that is functional and soothing. The smooth satin finish on the clear outer layer is a result of an extensive etching process. This handcrafted glass uses a process where every glass is consistently produced using a press mold, keeping variations to a minimum.   
These fixtures are new in the box and are very high end. They would be perfect for a small restaurant or club.  These fixtures were purchased by an electrical contractor for a job that never happened and have since been stored in the contractors warehouse.  

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