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Roland/Edirol UM-2E USB MIDI Interface with BONUS



Great product from Roland,  the Edirol UM-2E USB MIDI Interface.  This unit is in pristine condition and appears to have been well taken care of.

BONUS!!!  Along with your purchase, receive not only this unit but get an additional UM-2e head unit for FREE!  

The following specs are taken from the packaging;

  • 2-in/2-out MIDI ports for integrated connection of up to 32 channels of MIDI equipment.
  • PC connection with just one USB cable and ultra convenient "hot plug" design allowing connection and disconnection when the electric current to the PC is on.
  • Reliable receipt and transmission of data even during real time inputting or when simultaneously controlling multiple MIDI devices.
  • Realizes bus-type power supply  through the PC's USB terminal, so no need for AC adapters or other external equipment.
  • In addition to Windows drivers, it also comes with MacIntosh drivers as well.
  • LED indicators allow checking signal flow at a glance.
  • Connects as many as 4 units at once with a single USB hub to provide up to 8 ports and 128 control channels for creation of extensive MIDI networks.

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