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Samsung DVD-V3650 Dual DVD/VHS Player

Samsung DVD-V3650

“Made for those who want to make the most of their high-resolution flat-screen TV, this silver Samsung DVD player is distinctive and efficient. Action movie buffs, comedy fans, and music connoisseurs can take pleasure in the functionality and electronics of this Samsung DVD player. If you want impressive specs, ease of installation, and reliability, the Samsung DVD-V3650 has what it takes. This DVD player with built-in VCR is a complete audiovisual single-disc solution, so you can pop in a CD or DVD for instant entertainment anytime. The Samsung DVD-V3650 is a true audiovisual companion, with flexible playback of amazing digital video, allowing you to view your favorite movies and shows with eye-popping brilliance. As this Samsung DVD player comes with a video tape player, you can continue viewing your old taped movies plus any DVDs you get with the same machine. With flexible playback of DVD, CD, and CD-RW disc formats and more, the Samsung DVD-V3650 is digital media ready, so you can marvel at all of your shared media and music albums on store-bought discs or ones burned on your computer. What's more, the many playable file formats such as MP3 featured on this DVD player with built-in VCR enable you to amuse your children with their favorite artists' music.”
Space-saving full-featured DVD player with built-in hi-fi VCR

Component-video output terminals with progressive-scan output offers flicker-free images on HD or HD-ready TVs

Plays DVD-Video, CD-R/CD-RW, MP3 CD, Kodak Picture CD, and JPEG image CDs

Front-panel audio/video inputs accommodate a camcorder, digital camera, or gaming console

EZ View letterbox eliminator lets you enjoy full-screen pictures on 4:3 aspect-ratio TVs

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